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Website design cost Dubai in 2023

Our design process has made it easier than ever to get a website that meets your exact requirements. You just have to hit the "GET WEBSITE COST in Dubai" button below and answer some questions about your needs. We'll email you a personalized, detailed cost that's customized for you.

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Overview of costing

Websites design for 2023 will be expensive but Budget web is here, open minded and willing to keep up with changes

Web designs vary in cost. The costs of website design are not just about aesthetics, but about how well the site works together with its functioning as part of a larger technology.

The website design quote will reflect the requirements of your website. For example, if you need custom software to process bookings, or the site needs to integrate with an API in order to handle reservations, you'll have to factor that into the cost.

our web design company Dubai cost estimator is an incredibly useful tool when pricing up a website, giving you an idea of the approximate cost without asking a project manager in-person.

Here is a guide of our pricing at different levels with different features.

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Pricing Breakdown

Interactive website
  • With a small business website, you get all the features you need.
  • In some cases, luxury brands and those aiming for unique web presences may need a customized website design in order for their brand to be properly represented online.
  • We've created a tailored user journey that includes a researched and optimized experience.
  • Our site design has interactive/animated effects that react when the user loads or interacts with the site, scroll effects, and mouse parallax. We even offer custom video elements that are animated to suit your needs.
  • WordPress helps create a wow factor, better engagement with users, and a memorable experience.
Approx AED3,500 - 7,500 | Project timeline of 4-6 weeks
  • Maintains the ease of a small business-focused website, with all the features you need.
  • Our platform supports a range of payment options, including subscriptions, credit/debit cards, and Apple/Android pay
  • A range of shipping models, from drop shipping to direct-to-consumer, is available through Shopify
  • Have a team of people working for you? Want complete control over your store and products? With the Shopify ecommerce management system, that's never been easier.
  • Can list up to 10,000's products/categories.
Approx AED10,000 - 25,000 | Project timeline of 8-12 weeks
Custom web application
  • A web application that is rich with functionalities needed to make the app a hit.
  • Website development services can include machine-to-machine integration, a login system, a searchable directory listing system, or a comparison site.
  • This type of site typically requires a high level of development consideration.
Approx AED25,000 - 100,000 | Project timeline of 12-26 weeks
Enterprise level website
  • All features of small business are included in these plans.
  • If you're looking for large sites that are well thought out and highly optimized, the WordPress Starter option is ideal for you.
  • A web host may offer a network of web servers with multiple locations and possible multilingual capabilities.
  • These types of websites are typically involved in detailed briefs, elaborate branding guidelines, and ambitious objectives.
Approx AED20,000 - 100,000 | Project timeline of 12-26 weeks
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Getting Things Ready



Logo and Branding


Domain/Company Name





Logo and Branding

Brand Identity

Often, the logo and branding come together with website design. Your website design should be created before your logo design. However, branding and logo designs are not mutually exclusive. It is common to know this by saying that branding and logo design must come before a website design is developed. Our brand identity agency in Dubai will offer you the best services.

You might find, as you explore website design, that branding and logo design are a key part of the project. Make sure you're up to date with your requirements before exploring this.

Generally speaking, it's not wise to focus too much on branding and logo designs when you are designing or building websites. It's essential that your website has the technical requirements it needs and is properly functional. But logos are a must for any website. As we mentioned earlier, consider this into your requirements even if you just need something simple, such as text-based logos.


Domain/Company Name

To Plan It Out

Consider doing 4 things before you decide on your website name.

  • Google it - The best way to make sure your brand name doesn't get beaten out by some other high authority website is to search for it on Google. What's really important is how close the top three results are from your chosen keyword term. Then you also want to consider their domain authority as well as their overall ranking position. If a site appears for your proposed website or brand name that has a similar domain and ranking, consider making changes or adapting your choice of name. Or even factor in the amount of time and investment required to rank up a new website or bring an already established one back up with these updates
  • Check domain availability - It can be done by going to the domain registrar and searching. If there isn't a free option or if the only available option is a premium domain, you'll need to factor that in. When it comes to your website, trading internationally or focusing on local markets will require a top-level domain as well as regional options.
  • See if the company name is available - Before registering a company name, you can register it with the company check service often free of charge to get all available names.
  • Trademarks - Before you start trademarking a name for your business or brand, it's important to check and see if that name is already trademarked. They can be categorized into different sectors and you can find them from the relevant category so that no-one manufacturer tries to set up alongside you on a shoestring budget.


A Guide To Write

The cost of designing a website depends a lot on the type of project. If you know what you want and you're clear with your requirements, pricing will be more accurate. If the project is only in its early stages or the website specs are relatively straightforward, use our Cost Calculator tool to get an idea of the cost.

A guide to writing a brief can be found here.



Making The Copy Ready

With experience and hundreds of projects under our belt, it shouldn't be surprising that one key area we often overlook is content.

Websites are born from content. Without a steady flow of articles, videos, or blog posts to keep your site running, you might have trouble staying afloat. That's why it's important to stop and appreciate the idea that your website is basically already up-and-running.

If you want to succeed in your website project, it's important that you start producing your own content as early as possible. Thirty-five percent of projects are delayed because the site owner failed to produce content on time

Some companies take for granted that creating great content on their own can help propel their website to new levels of success and increases traffic. With our professional copywriting service, we go above and beyond to create content that not only achieves this goal but also has high-quality SEO!

We try our best to stay up-to-date on the latest changes in the digital publishing world. That's why we offer copywriting as part of our website build packages. Just enter your text in the cost calculator and you can see how much it will cost.

Do you want to compare?

Types of designs for websites

Ways to Get it Done


There are many types of websites that you can choose to build, with different levels of quality and price. They are often described as a "quality" scale, where the higher the quality, the more time-consuming for both yourself and your client - but for a lower cost.

When you're just starting out, a website builder can be a good option for someone who knows little about designing websites. You won't necessarily achieve a high-quality site at the end of it, but rather will have to keep editing and tweaking content as your business grows. On the other hand, offshore freelancers are likely to cost less due to exchange rates.

With established design agencies, like our digital graphic web services Dubai will built the site from scratch and designed to your specifications. You save a lot of time, but they charge a premium because they're skilled professionals with a wide array of employees such as project managers, content writers, designers and developers. For those who are not ready to commit themselves to custom work, this option is probably the better one.

Now let's explore each of the options previously mentioned in detail.

Free, But Time Consuming

Website Builders

  • What's the best way to start your business? Using a tool like Squarespace, which is completely customizable, means that you can focus on what matters to you. From design to content, everything will be under your control. There are no start-up costs and no extra fees - just an easy-to-manage subscription model if you want extra features or integrations.
  • Agile is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to edit your content and make changes without using scripts or bots. You have access to your site whenever you need it, no one else controls what you’re editing, such as designers or agencies and so on.
  • Websites are becoming more and more standard and higher quality, while also having a wider range of templates and design styles now. This makes it easy to create an attractive website with something like Squarespace today.
  • As with most tools, website builders use drags and drop technology. This enables individuals to work on their website by easily uploading pictures and adjusting text. The easy user interface allows for users to build websites with a minimum of technical skills. There is no need for developers or designers within these tools - that make the building process simple and easy.
  • Setting up a website yourself can be very time-consuming and difficult. You might not have access to someone else who can help you with the same tasks, or you might be limited on the amount of time you're able to put into your company because of your other obligations. The opportunity cost really needs to be considered when deciding whether it's better for you to be running your business or trying to set up your website
  • With a site builder, it's difficult to adapt your website due changes and layouts in your content. If you don't know how to code HTML and CSS, then you can find yourself locked into a template layout that you may not want. Often this will mean going to an agency or freelancer and paying additional fees resulting in some of the costs initially touted being negated.
  • When you're new or creating your first website, it's a good idea to do some research on what's required to get started. There are often hidden costs and fees associated with building a website as well, so make sure you know up front. Having an upfront knowledge will help you decide what option is better for you in the long run.
  • SEO varies from site to site and each website owner knows what it's like to build a different website. As hard as it can be, SEO isn't futile. Different factors that make up an SEO strategy include building sites which have a high spot-on page 3 of Google, using schema codes, amending meta when necessary and ensuring proper code performance. For example, some site builders use AJAX transitions which caused them to not effectively crawl the entire website, making it difficult to rank pages in search results.
  • When building your website, it would be great to own the code if you plan to sell it down the road. However, this might not be possible because of the attractive pricing. But in terms of owning your website, what you are really doing is renting the use of it from the company or business which created or will create it for you. That's why many companies hire an agency or freelancer for this task and even approve costs for creating one for them. The cost and time involved in creating a website that does not belong to the business itself can be more valuable than having ownership over such an asset, which can then add value to the company down the road.


Outsourcing your website design is a great option for many businesses. It's similar to how website builders work - you're just hiring an out-of-state designer to do all the work for you at a reduced cost.

  • One of the main benefits of this option is that it allows you to have many features without having to compromise on quality. If you like to find a good developer at a cost-effective price, then our cost-effective web design Dubai is here, you are likely to receive good quality services for a reasonable price. You haven't had to sacrifice quality and you've also saved on quantities.
  • One of the main benefits of this option is that it allows you to have many features without having to compromise on quality. If you find a good developer at a cost-effective price, you are likely to receive good quality services for a reasonable price. You haven't had to sacrifice quality and you've also saved on quantities.
  • The greatest disadvantage here is the language barrier. The lack of communication can lead to misunderstanding, and this takes time, which ultimately means more money spent on your project that might not have been needed. There's a significant difference in time zones with someone from outside the UAE, which makes waiting for responses difficult or impossible.
  • Unlike in-house employees, freelancers aren't guaranteed to do a good job. They are people just like you and me. However, offshore freelancers can save money on expenses, so as long as you are careful with how much you pay them per month - they can be your saving grace. In summary, offshore freelancers offer you flexibility and cost savings.

Freelancers bridge the gap between traditional agency jobs and volunteer-based work. Freelancers are really easy to work with being available locally, and you can also discuss specifications with them face-to-face. But freelancers still come up against many of the same risks involved in working with traditional agencies. If you're not ready to go full-time with an agency, a freelancer might help ease into your employment history without too much risk.

One Man Brand To Serve The Digital Marketing.


  • What are the pros and cons of using an agency? Well, cost is one way to break it down. Professional services can often be pricey, especially with increasing costs throughout the industry. Using an agency allows you to maintain more control over your content.
  • Availability. If you're looking for someone to work on a project when they are available, freelancers often provide the type of availability you need. Freelancers can be connected with in hours, and many sites have plenty of freelancers waiting to assist with your needs.
  • Relationship. Many freelancers love to work with entrepreneurs because they are 1-to-1 with them and a good working relationship always has the possibility to form.
  • Flexible/Responsive - Web design developers are in constant communication with their clients because they depend on the work, and want to keep them happy. That's why the response times tend to be much faster, plus you have a direct line to them!
  • Limited scope of skills - If a designer does not have backend skills, or if their skill is limited when compared to a specialist, it can be challenging for them to keep up with the design of digital products. This often leads clients to migrate to agencies for project management and streamlined workflows that include detailed billing as well.
  • Dubai freelancers are expensive - Some freelancers are very expensive to hire. If you're looking for a specialized service, you might have to pay similar rates that you would if you hired an agency.
  • Risk - When it comes to finding the right freelancer for your needs, the risk is a big part of the decision-making process. Sometimes a freelancer may not be able to meet your specific needs because they don't have experience in that area or you might end up wasting time or money on work that's not as good as it should be. There are also a number of other risks, from lack of quality control and rushed work to increased risk of oversubscribing.
  • Availability - What you need to know is that we are experts at this. You won't find a better freelancer who knows more about the niche than we do and is available when you need them. The upside is that they're easy to hire, because they're not just one freelancer but an entire team of professionals in their respective fields.
We Are The Specialists


  • Multiple skills in each area. We've got a ton of top-notch skills waiting for you. Our project manager can be there to help right away with your project, designers will know what's trendy and will come up with content that fits your demographic, developers are well versed in clean, lightweight and fast code, SEO specialists will make sure search engine optimization is a priority and the content is proofread by copywriters.
  • To save your time - By mobilizing the experts who know your business inside and out, we help businesses minimize the time they spend getting projects up and running. Once initial discovery has been completed, you can focus on the big picture and our team will take it from there.
  • Great quality end product - Is your website's design looking a little rough? Let an agency with a skilled team and extensive resources work on it for you. Use their portfolio to pick the right design for your company.
  • Ongoing support - To make sure that your business continues to grow, a founding agency will offer ongoing support. This is often done through the offering of warranties and other related services.
  • Deadlines - Because we have a large workforce and team, we can often take on the work that's available to ensure your deadlines are met.
  • Reassurance - We are dedicated to protecting the data of our customers, and we will ensure that your site is protected from loss, theft, or abuse. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you with your security needs.
  • Few agencies are expensive - There is one major disadvantage of using an agency, but their services are often convenient because they're working with a team of highly-skilled specialists that can create the best possible product for you in less time. Factor in the fact that you'll be saving a lot of time, managing risk and having high-quality content as well.
  • Timescale - Let's face it. It will take time to create a custom end-product for your business. Multiple team members need time to work on the project in order to get it perfect.
The Extras

Associated costs

Month By Month

Monthly Cost

  • Hosting - If you want your website to be accessible for worldwide audiences, it has to be hosted on a server. There are a few levels of hosting that can be quite costly or equal to free; for instance, an unmanaged hosting service will cost about AED 10-20 per month, whereas a more premium managed network might cost upward of AED 200. This cost is usually included as part of the monthly rate of a website host.
  • SEO - Once you have a site, the Next is marketing it. Your website can rank well in search engines or you can use social media to run ads like LinkedIn or Facebook. With our best SEO Dubai, services you will get the quality targeted audience. In order to get optimal results and maximize your return on investment, you'll need an SEO campaign.
  • Newsletter - Some email newsletter systems are free at first, but they require a subscription to use once that ends.
  • Plugins - The world of e-commerce, there are many different types of plug-ins that come with their own set of benefits. There are some high-end plug-ins that can come with a monthly fee. It's important to be aware of this before committing to one.
  • Retainers and care packages - If you need technical support or on-going updates to your website, you should budget for this. We have some packages available that will fit this and take away the worry of having to pay high contact rates.
  • Social media marketing - When marketing your social media profiles, it's best to first have someone set up and manage the accounts (and give them more time in-case you're busy). Also make sure your social media profiles with your website are fully integrated. If you are looking for best services than you are landed on the right page because we are the best digital marketing company Dubai.
  • Licenses - The type of content you use on your website can be incredibly important. Some assets such as fonts and stock videos/photos require licenses. These are often a time-consuming process and may involve an ongoing monthly fee, especially if you're using them on a large scale on your website.
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Annual Commitments

Yearly costs

  • Domain - First of all, to set up a website, you'll need a domain. It costs some amount of money, usually between AED 5-20 per year. Alternatively, you can purchase an expensive domain from its original owner for a great deal more money. For example one of our clients recently purchased a high-end domain in the region of AED 10,000.
  • SSL Certificate - The importance of giving your website a secure site is becoming more and more important for search engines and the clientele your website appeals to. If you want to have a secure site, one way you can do this is by getting an SSL Certificate, which costs around 50 USD per year.
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Trust us to find the best solution

General Costs

  • Image and Video licenses - Many photography and video content sites restrict where images can be taken from. If you don't have your own stock images, your best bet is to purchase them from one of these sites or find a photographer that will sell you the rights to use their photographs. Each stock image license costs anywhere from AED 1-250, depending on the photo, who you're buying it from, and what services are included in the deal. You can expect the same for a video license; roughly AED 50+.
  • Copywriting - If you're not literate or don't have a lot of spare time, we recommend hiring an agency or freelancer to write your content. The minimum requirement is 5 pages and 2,500 words of fully proofed, well considered content. This is a vital point to consider when it comes to SEO and rankings.
  • Plugin licenses - Many times, it can be faster and easier to use a plugin rather than coding certain functions into a site. Some plugins include things like sliders for images, booking systems, and payment processors.
  • Payment processing fees - If you're running an ecommerce site, then you'll need to consider fees for payment processing solutions. For example, PayPal will take 3% of all money that is processed through your account. If a customer purchases a product for AED 100, you'll receive 97 and the company gets AED 3.00.
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It can be greater value to your business

Domain Names

The price for a domain name depends on the type of domain you want. You can get a top-level .com domain, which is not targeted to a specific location, for as little as AED 5 - AED 30 per year. To find out the best option for you, contact our team today!

If you don't choose to register a domain for 1 year, it's not a lost cause! Registering for 2-3 years or more is preferred and also comes with an added SEO benefit because Google will determine that the domain is going to be around for a long time.

If you're interested in securing a high-quality domain, you can buy one from current owners. It's also important to remember that the prices for these domains can be more than AED100. The small cost for them will just be the renewal fee each year.

Before you purchase your domain, make sure that these costly extras aren't taking effect. Often companies will charge you more for the originally listed price and provide different options.

When you choose a domain name, think about whether or not you want it to be premium. If so, that usually means an annual cost and sometimes even a high up-front commitment when purchasing it.

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To make it Simple


Shared website hosting

With managed hosting, you are sharing a hosting space and resources with a range of other sites, but you'll also get the benefits of a centrally-managed service with some pros and cons.

Cons - The limitations of shared hosting are limited resources and availability, meaning it is the least powerful. It is also more vulnerable to bots and hacking, since shared hosting tends to be less secure than dedicated options.

Pros - Microsites are a great solution for small websites that receive an average of 500-1,000 sessions per month. The cons would be its cost and the limited number of videos and landing pages that it supports. When someone visits your site the first time, they'll only see your microsite. Our web design Dubai, services serrving you the secure services since years.

AED 2500-5500 per month

Virtual Private Server - ‘virtually’ private hosting is a server-based hosting setup. Essentially, that means you’re given your own hosting space within that larger server. Break it down into 20-30 small VPS's

A VPS server offers added flexibility, additional storage, and the ability to establish additional security measures.

Plus, there are much more resources and power available to you with this alternative. You also have root access.

A VPS (virtual private server) allows your website to run faster and be more responsive. It may also limit the workload your site is subjected to, thanks to its greater memory allocation and extra processing power.

AED 6000 - 15000 per month
Dedicated server

A dedicated server is basically a whole server in a data center. You can choose either an unmanaged or managed service to determine how much power you'll have at your disposal.

Managed hosting offers all the perks of unmanaged hosting, but without the headaches and hassles. You'll have a team of people keeping your website running smoothly while updating and securing it on a regular basis.

A dedicated server is a computer that isn't shared with other people and run solely for your site or application. This type of hosting will only cost the price per month for one of its kind, so it's better for some applications than others.

Un-managed dedicated servers start at around AED 200 monthly. for a fully managed server you can expect to pay from AED 400 to thousands per month for a fully managed dedicated server.

AED 20000-40000 per month

Hosting your website on Cloud infrastructure helps reduce costs because you're saving a recurring storage and power bill. Your website is always going to be available as long as it's online, reducing the need for expensive set-up and tear-down processes.

The pros - As a small business owner, what's important to you? Cost-effectiveness. Volume-based pricing models can make it easier to grow with, and are the perfect solution for those just starting out. With this flexible option, you'll always have access to your content without interruptions or roadblocks.

Pay per usage plans can be a positive if you have the means to keep them going. However, they're also prone to dropping so they're not always reliable, and most require complicated set-up that's likely easier for a professional.

Whether you need an individual Cloud Hosting account or a full-blown managed server solution, you'll find prices vary widely depending on the set up and support required.

Managed hosting

When you pay for hosting, your responsibilities are much more limited. All it means is that the hard work in managing the server, its software and keeping the website secure is taken care of by a third-party host or web agency. In turn, this means you're paying more than you would otherwise because they cost us less (and they take on routine tasks that we'd otherwise need to do).

If you’re not tech savvy, unmanaged hosting could harm your site, leave it on to us our web design Dubai, Managed hosting we will ensure that your website is properly set up and set up to handle both performance and security needs with ease.

Some managed hosting providers will offer you a service level agreement and support level you're comfortable with if you experience any issues.

Utilizing managed hosting services is one of the best ways to maintain your website's performance and security.

AED 2500 - 6,500(+) per month

CDNs, or content delivery networks, is one way to boost your website's loading time by delivering content from multiple servers and locations. With CDNs, you can reduce latency and first byte time to improve the user experience. A Content Delivery Network, or CDN, is a service that optimizes images as they're loaded. This can be extremely useful for those who are not skilled with re-sizing images for their website.

Free - AED 200 Per month


Email Hosting

Delivering your e-mail to subscribers is important for your business. Hosting with a reputable provider is one way to avoid deliverability problems in the future. We've learned through experience that Google Apps or Microsoft Exchange are good choices.

If you desire to keep your email and website separate, email hosting is the perfect option for you. But this often requires access to the domains DNS, which comes with web hosting plans.

AED 50 - 250 per email address, per month
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Which editorial systems (CMS) are offered?

Programming is done on modern systems such as WordPress, Webflow or Contao . The following always applies to us: The choice of the right CMS depends on the conception of the website and your requirements. Questions regarding future security and technical sustainability are also included.

The choice of CMS should not be made at the beginning of a project. We make sure that you get the best possible technical solution for the relaunch of your website, in the sense of "The tool is designed for the task, not the other way around." The system is made available to you "ready to use" including personal instruction .

Internet Agency Dubai: What is the typical web design project process like?

After the kick-off date - in which all project participants exchange views on the goals of the project - the focus is initially on the analysis of the users: What are they looking for, what do they need, where are they mentally, how can you "take them with you"?

The analysis results in prioritized requirements for the conception (user experience design). The necessary features, content and their structure are defined accordingly and visualized so that everyone involved in the project can get an overview. After this step it is also clear which elements have to be designed optically, which texts have to be written and which images have to be created. As soon as all this has been put together, the website can be programmed from it.

How much does a good website cost?

Counter question: How much does a bad website cost? It costs time and money, but above all customers. A website that only looks nice, but in the end only shows "old wine in new bottles" has no added value for your visitors and therefore for you. In fact, the budget for a professional website can vary greatly.

Since BudgetWeb does not offer a “one-size-fits-all” package, the price ultimately depends on which services we take on and which set pieces (particularly content such as text, images, illustrations or videos) you supply.

What services are offered in web design?

Our offer is specially tailored for you and contains all the services that you really need. While conception and design are an integral part of every project, you can also contribute texts and photos yourself.

Basically, we are happy to take on all the work from the laying of the foundation stone to the inauguration. This includes the competition analysis, definition of the requirements, the conception/information architecture, the visual design, the research/creation of content (texts, images, animations, films, etc.) and of course the technical realization/programming/development.

Let’s talk about your next Big thing!

Heads up! We require that you sign up for Budget Web services and packages. We make all your dreams come true in a successful project.
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